Smite enchantment guide

Mon Nov 21. 2022

Smite enchantment guide

Smite is an enchantment that can be used to defeat the undead hostile mobs in Minecraft. You get an additional 1.25 hearts of damage per rank.

Smite can also be enchanted on axes and swords. Players can transform their melee weapon into a way to destroy undead enemies by doing this.

Smite, like Bane of Arthropods, is a situational enchantment. However, undead mobs are more common than arthropods such as spiders, bees and silverfish. When a player explores the dark areas of Minecraft, undead mobs and skeletons are common, the enchantment's utility is increased.

Here are some great ways for players to use their Smite-enchanted weaponry.

Smite in Minecraft: Best Uses

1) Overworld Defense

There are many undead enemies in Minecraft's Overworld. These include strays, zombies, skeletons and Drowned. Many undead enemies may be encountered by players, particularly at night or in darkened areas such as caves.

It won't be easy to stop undead mobs spawning without a lot of light source blocks such as glowstone or torch. When dealing with undead enemies in Overworld, it is best to use a Smite gun for self-defense.

2) Exploring the Nether

The Nether is a dimension filled with undead Minecraft enemies. Zombified piglins can be found in the wastes while Wither skeletons can be found roaming fortresses and attacking anyone who is there.

It is best to dispose of Wither skeletons quickly, as they can cause serious injury due to the Wither status effect.

Smite makes it much easier to defeat Wither skeletons than if players used a sword or an axe.

3) Stop the Wither

The Wither is a boss created by players in Minecraft. It is the only source for Nether stars that are required to create powerful beacon blocks.

Players will need to be well-prepared to face the multi-headed boss with 150 Java Edition hearts and 300 in Bedrock Edition.