Minecraft woodland mansion challenge guide

Sun Dec 4. 2022

Minecraft woodland mansion challenge guide

Woodland Mansion is a dangerously generated structure in Minecraft. It houses the Vindicators, and Evokers. These are more dangerous than Pillager mobs. Players must prepare to take on this dangerous mansion.

Woodland Mansion is a rare building and players will not be able to locate one without a map. The map can be traded by cartographer villagers to find the woodland mansion. This structure is also one of the largest in the game, and has many rooms and floors. If they wish to fight in the Woodland Mansion, players must be prepared.

Things to Have

Players must ensure they have the following items before heading out to fight in the dangerous mansion. There are dangerous mobs in the mansion that can quickly kill players. These are the items you should keep in your possession before entering the mansion.

Fighting Vindicators

Vindicators are the first type of illager that players might encounter. These hostile mobs wield an iron sword to attack players. They are also fast and can inflict a lot of damage using their axes. To protect themselves, players must use shields and ranged weapons to fight the mob. To avoid melee attacks, players can build a tower two blocks tall.

Fighting Evokers

The second type of illagers is the Evokers. These are more dangerous and annoying to players because they hide in rooms and attack players with vexes.

Vexes, small, pixie-like flying creatures that resemble a vulture, attack players with their iron swords. Vexes can travel through walls, making them unavoidable. They can continue to spawn more vexes if players don't find them first.

Evokers can also summon fangs to surround and attack players. Evokers are among the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

Other hostile mobs

The mansion will not only contain these menacing mobs but also all kinds of hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and creepers. This makes it more difficult to manage.

Loot items

The Woodland Mansion, one of the most dangerous structures of the game, also has some of the best loot. You will find loot chests all around the structure that contain valuable loot such as diamond gears, enchanted golden apples, and many other items. The totem of Undying is also dropped by Evokers, which is a rare item that is very useful for players.