Minecraft: Bedrock or Java?

Tue Dec 20. 2022

Minecraft: Bedrock or Java?

When you begin digging into “Minecraft”, you will be confronted with many choices: where to go, what to build and which game mode you should play.

There's one major decision you need to make before you can create a world. Which version of Minecraft should you play?

Although the basic gameplay of the two “Minecraft” versions – the “Java”, and “Bedrock,” are almost identical, there are some key differences.

Below is a list of the major differences between Minecraft's Java and Bedrock versions. Also, a summary of which version to get.

'Minecraft: Java Edition' vs 'Minecraft: Bedrock Edition'

Java Edition is only available for PC, Mac, and Linux

First, you will be playing “Bedrock” if you plan on playing “Minecraft”, on any other than a PC. The “Java” version of the game is not available on any other devices.

But, “Bedrock”, isn't compatible with Linux or Mac. If you are using one of these systems, Java is the only way to play Java.

You can play with your friends on other consoles with the 'Bedrock Edition'

You can play “Minecraft” with your friends on other systems by purchasing “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition”. Cross-play is a feature of the “Bedrock” edition. This means that you can play with friends even if they have a Nintendo Switch or a PC.

Only the “Java” version allows you to play with “Java”, not other users. This means that you can only play with “Java” friends.

The 'Java Edition' has huge multiplayer servers

Even though it does not offer the same cross-play capabilities, Java has large multiplayer servers. These servers allow you to play with other Java users and offer beautiful maps with minigames, activities, and more.

Each version of the game has its own server. The “Java” server has been around almost a decade, so there are plenty of maps to choose from.

You can play minigames like Bed Wars and Hunger Games on YouTube by clicking “Java.”

The 'Bedrock Edition has the best performance

While it may seem like a straightforward game, “Minecraft”, even though it is simple, can be very demanding on your CPU and graphics card. If you don't have a high-end computer to play with, “Bedrock”, might be the best option.

The “Java” edition allows you to use mods to improve your graphics. However, the “Bedrock” version runs smoother and more consistently. This results in fewer dropped frames and quicker load times.

The 'Java Edition' has an almost limitless number of mods

The biggest difference between Java and Bedrock is the ability to add mods. This is only available to Java players.

Mods are software pieces that you can add to Minecraft to make the game more interesting. You can modify the graphics and music or add new items to the game.

Most importantly, almost all of these mods can be downloaded for free. You can even install them and modify them with a program called Minecraft Forge.

Although “Bedrock' does have some modding tools, they are expensive and limited in number compared to “Java.”

You can play in Hardcore mode with the Java Edition

“Minecraft” defaults to four game modes: Survival (creative), Adventure (and Spectator). However, “Java” players have access to a fifth game mode: Hardcore.

Hardcore mode is very popular with streamers. It gives you only one life. You can't respawn in a bed after you die. Your world is forever deleted.

If you are looking for a challenge, “Hardcore” is the right choice.

Which edition should you choose?

As mentioned above, if your computer is not a PC, there are no other options.

If you are playing on a computer, the Java version is recommended. The game offers the same amazing gameplay and thousands of mods that can be added to your experience. This is the original and best way to play Minecraft.