Eternal knife guide in Minecraft dungeons

Sat Jan 21. 2023

Eternal knife guide in Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has tons and tons of weapon groups. It also has tons of individual weapons within those groups.

Unique refers to a weapon rarity found in Minecraft Dungeons. The Eternal Knife is one such weapon. It's available in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons: Where are players able to find the Eternal Knife?

The Eternal Knife, a unique melee weapon found in Minecraft Dungeons, is the Eternal Knife. This weapon is a variant of the Soul Knife. This weapon is not only available to players, but Eternal Knives can also be used by the most powerful variant of the armored drowned or an enemy mob.

The Eternal Knife is also available from the Luxury and Mystery merchants. The weapon is also available from the Piglin merchant who sells items in gold instead of emeralds. The Seeking Flame is the only Ancient Hunt capable of dropping the Eternal Knife.

The Eternal Knife is extremely rare, as it is only available in three levels. One of these is a DLC-only level. Unique refers to the rarity and the quality of the weapon and signifies that it is rare.

These are the unique capabilities of this weapon:

The Eternal Knife can be upgraded to level 108, meaning it can deal damage as low as 2,294 damage and maximum damage of 2,389 damage. The Eternal Knife, which is one of the rarest weapons in the game. It's also extremely strong.